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Psychology Junior Paper and Senior Thesis Guide

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Slides and speaker notes 

00:47 Introduction to the Scholarly Conversation
02:56 Google Scholar, Databases, Keywords
10:45 Peer-reviewed articles
17:45 Tests & Measures
18:30 Boolean Operators
20:28 Literature Mapping
24:58 Open Knowledge Maps
26:42 Connected Papers
32:30 LitMaps
37:00 How to get the full-text of an article
40:20 Reference Managers; Zotero and PaperPile
45:41 Writing in APA Style with Academic Writer
47:31 Examples of Senior Theses at Princeton
48:11 Data and Statistical Services
49:17 VizHub
50:22 Princeton Research Data Service
52:41 Fun Free Stuff from the Library
53:09 Contact your librarian for more help!

Need more help?

The library can help you:

  • Identify sources of psychology literature
  • Formulate a search strategy to locate literature
  • Refine your search strategy to retrieve the most relevant literature
  • Introduce you to literature mapping tools to help you map the scholarly conversation on your topic
  • Help identify peer-reviewed articles
  • Help you manage your references using reference management software (such as Zotero, Mendeley, RefWorks, and EndNote)
  • Assist with citation styles such as APA Style
  • Locate examples of Senior Theses in psychology
  • Connect you with library services such as Data and Statistical Services for help with data analysis and the Stokes VizHub for help with data visualization. 

Meet with the Librarian

Meghan Testerman (she/her) is the library liaison to the behavioral sciences at Princeton University where she serves the Department of Psychology and the Princeton Neuroscience Institute

You can find her in the Psychology Department at 118 Peretsman Scully Hall, via email, or by making an appointment.