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Literature Mapping

An overview of tools for mapping scholarly literature.

Manual Literature Mapping

Manual literature mapping is a method of locating an article that is highly relevant to your topic and using it as a starting point to connect you to other relevant literature. Below are the steps for manually mapping literature in the multidisciplinary database Scopus

Step 1: Find a highly relevant article on your topic. This could be an article from your advisor or one that you found by keyword searching in Google Scholar or a database. 

Step 2: Locate a record of the article in Scopus by copy/pasting the title of your article into the search box.

Step 3: Explore connections by

  • Look at the references to go back in time.
  • Look at who has cited the article to go forward in time.
  • Look at the author to see what else they have published.
  • Look at keyword suggestions
  • Look at related articles recommended by the database