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Course-specific Public Policy Resource Guide for Juniors _ Spring 2021

Locate your class on the navigation on the left and/or go Public Policy Guide from Stokes Library _ Spring 2021 for additional sources and info on using the library during Covid-19.

SPI 404(5) McConnaughy: Women, Gender and Policy

A well-researched paper probably involves all of these

Books in our catalog (see below)

News Sources 

Articles obtained from Public Policy Databases or Think Tanks

Primary sources compiled in archives or, for example, Alexander Street Press on Gender and Women's Studies

Consultation with the Public Policy LibrarianLibrarian for Gender & Sexuality StudiesSocial Science Data and Sociology Librarian, Law Librarian, and/or another Princeton Librarian (politics, demography, history).

Data and/or Statistics 

Correct application of Prof. McConnaughy's preferred citation style (see below).

Citation style

Professor McConnaughy requests that you use a consistent citation style, such as Chicago 17th edition full citations followed by shortened citations for the same sources. The notes/bibliography style seems ideal; URLs are listed once in the notes and again in the bibliography. This style has to be added to Zotero by clicking get additional styles when specifying your Zotero preferences.

I have detailed instructions on installing and using Zotero which offers this style as an add-in.  In addition, I'm holding a Zotero workshop on February 19 at 1PM or you can set up a one-on-one appointment with me.