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Course-specific Public Policy Resource Guide for Juniors _ Spring 2021

Locate your class on the navigation on the left and/or go Public Policy Guide from Stokes Library _ Spring 2021 for additional sources and info on using the library during Covid-19.

SPI 402e Martin:Democracy and Governance in Developing Countries

A well-researched paper probably involves all of these

Books in our catalog (see below)

News Sources

Articles obtained from Public Policy Databases or Think Tanks

Consultation with the Public Policy LibrarianSocial Science Data and Sociology Librarian, and/or the  Politics Librarian.

Correct application of MLA Style (see below)

Subject headings for searching the catalog or

The library IS a good starting point.  Repeat after me:,,  No need to Google it.

Sustainable development (10228)

Political corruptionAfricaPrevention [Browse]

Economic developmentCorrupt practicesPrevention [Browse]

Political corruption—Prevention (98)

Now it's your turn--Try "Civil Society" as a subject term in conjunction with you country of focus.


Articles obtained from Public Policy Databases or Think Tanks

Possibly relevant journals

Journal of peacebuilding & development

Environment and Development Economics


Databases By Subject=African Studies


Strategic Development Indicators Online (SDGO)


PAIS: Public Affairs Information Service

Worldwide Political Science Abstracts


FULL-TEXT sources

World Bank e-library can be searched by topic and country

Africa Development Indicators (data) from the World Bank

IMF elibrary has Developing and Emerging Countries as a topic

OECD iLibrary has development as a theme (which can be searched in conjunction with country).

Statistical summaries

World Bank Impact Evaluation Surveys

USAID Data Explorer

NB:  If you have any thoughts about using a “Restricted dataset” for your senior thesis, you need to apply to the appropriate agency NOW, not at the beginning of your senior year.

Citation style

Professor Martin requests that you use the Modern Language Association citation style  for your junior paper, which is available in Zotero.  I know we are doing a Zotero practice when I visit your class.  In addition, I'm holding a Zotero workshop on February 19 at 1PM or we can set up a one-on-one appointment with me.  

Detailed instructions on installing and using Zotero.


Works Cited: A Quick Guide (MLA Eighth Edition) and this book which is available through Controlled Digital Lending (check out for three hours):  A Pocket Style Manual (go to Princeton users: View digital content)