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Course-specific Public Policy Resource Guide for Juniors _ Spring 2021

Locate your class on the navigation on the left and/or go Public Policy Guide from Stokes Library _ Spring 2021 for additional sources and info on using the library during Covid-19.

SPI404(2) Poverty in America

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A well-researched paper probably involves all of these

Books in our catalog (located by subject heading, see below)

News Sources 

Articles obtained from Public Policy Databases or Think Tanks

Consultation with the Public Policy Librarian or Social Sciences Data and Sociology Librarian. 

Citation using American Sociological Association Style (see below)

Subject headings for searching the catalog or

The library IS a good starting point.  Repeat after me:,  No need to google it.


Statistics and Data sources

Data on Children and Families

State and metropolitan area data book (many editions)

Statistical Abstract of the United States For 1878-1949, use the Census site.

Data-Planet Statistical Datasets

Collection of more than 2,000 current and historical data series allowing comparison and ranking of US states on a variety of topics. View data as graphs, charts, or tables, all of which can be easily exported; export an entire series by saving an item to the Data Cart. Most series cover mid-1990s to present.

Current Index to Statistics 1975+

Rand State Statistics

Contains state statistics covering all 50 U.S. states with additional statistics for California and Texas.

Citation using American Sociological Association Style

Professor Nelson requests that you use the American Sociological Association citation style for your junior paper.  The citation (author-year) goes in the body of the text (not footnotes).  The most recent edition is the sixth.  I believe the URLs are only listed in the reference list.

I have detailed instructions on installing and using Zotero which offers this style as an add-in.  In addition, I'm holding a Zotero workshop on February 19 at 1PM or we can set up a one-on-one appointment with me.