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Course-specific Public Policy Resource Guide for Juniors _ Spring 2021

Locate your class on the navigation on the left and/or go Public Policy Guide from Stokes Library _ Spring 2021 for additional sources and info on using the library during Covid-19.

How Can We Immunize Every Child in the World?

A well-researched paper probably begins with these types of sources:

Books in our catalog (see below) 

News Sources

Articles obtained from Public Policy Databases or Think Tanks or Articles+

Consultation with the Health Policy Librarian (click here for an appointment) , Public Policy LibrarianSocial Science Data Librarian, or Politics Librarian

Correct application of the Chicago Manual of Style

Scroll down for more specific guidance on how to search for materials.


Below are some suggested subject headings for finding  books in the Library Catalog. Pull down the Keyword menu and change to Subject (Browse).

Vaccination of children
Vaccination of infants
Immunization of children
Communicable diseases -- Prevention
Vaccines industry
Vaccines for Children (Program)
(Disease name - e.g., Smallpox, Poliomyelitis, Influenza, COVID -19 (Disease)) Vaccine (or Vaccines)
(Disease name - e.g., Smallpox, Poliomyelitis, ) -- Vaccination

News Sources


Didn't find what you are looking for in the databases listed above? Try Articles+.

Statistics and Reports

United States 

Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases (CDC Pink Book) -  See Appendix E for statistics about the Impact of Vaccines in the 20th and 21st Century and Vaccine Coverage Levels in the United States 1962-2016.

Vaccine-Preventable Diseases, Immunizations, and MMWR --1961--2011 - Historical perspective. Information about the establishment of a nationwide immunization program, the year of U.S. licensure of selected childhood vaccines and the number of MMWR articles about vaccines and vaccine-preventable diseases from 1965-2009.  

CDC Data Finder - Under "Find Data on a Subject," scroll down to "Vaccination."

Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) - Briefs, reports, etc., primarily about COVID vaccine, including vaccine hesitancy.


World Health Organization (WHO) Vaccines and Immunization - Includes links to Immunization Coverage Estimates, statistics about Vaccine Preventable Diseases, Vaccination Schedules by country, and more.

Demographic and Health Surveys - Published by the DHS Program and USAID. Includes publications about vaccination coverage, programs, etc. in individual countries. 

Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Immunization and Statistics- Information about immunization coverage in North, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. Includes Includes Immunization in the Americas, 2020Immunization Coverage by Municipality; and Year of Vaccine IntroductionFor historical (1978+) statistics by country, see Immunization Reported Coverage.

CDC Global Immunization Division - Includes reports, statistics, infographics about vaccination programs. 

World Bank Infectious Diseases and Vaccines - Reports with references to original data sources.

Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Global Health Policy Center - Reports on global health including immunization, infectious diseases.

Commonwealth Fund International Health Policy Center - Includes international health system profiles, health system features, and health and system statistics for individual countries

Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) - University of Washington. Measures health problems and evaluates strategies to address them. Includes statistics, country profiles, data visualization, policy reports, etc. 


For microdata about vaccines, vaccinations and immunization, see PUL Data and Statistical Services 

Citing Sources

Professor Sharkey prefers the Chicago Manual of Style (17th edition) for your junior paper. We recommend the notes/bibliography style, full citations followed by shortened citations for the same sources. URLs are listed once in the notes and again in the bibliography. This style must be added to Zotero by clicking "Get Additional Styles" when specifying your Zotero preferences.

See detailed instructions on installing and using Zotero which offers this style as an add-in. In addition, Elana is offering a Zotero workshop on February 19 at 1: 00 PM or is willing to set up an individual appointment.

See the Stokes Vizhub schedule for additional workshops.