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Using PUL Resources for Teaching and Research during COVID-19: General Access Information

General Access Information

The library has prioritized the purchase of electronic titles in recent months to facilitate remote access to content. Now that print ordering is possible again, we are examining our overall collection strategies. In general, we are trying not to duplicate acquisitions, but we do want to consider what is best for our users on-campus and those working remotely and internationally. The library catalog is the best place to determine what type of access is available to a title.

Below are notes based on resource type, but remember that Subject Librarians are always the best resource to help identify what is currently available.

*Off-campus access: Visit this page for current information about off-campus access to library e-resources. 

*Note about Textbooks: Electronic textbooks are rarely available to academic libraries regardless of discipline. When they are available, they are often restricted by digital rights management software or are very costly. Heavily illustrated textbooks are less likely to be available in electronic form.

E-Books & E-Textbooks
The use and availability of eBooks are governed by license agreements with publishers and providers. Some publishers do not permit their content to be licensed to libraries, which is the case with many textbooks. Some publishers only allow single-user licenses while others allow unlimited-user licenses. This lack of standardization can be frustrating, but the key is to contact your department’s subject librarian for assistance. They can help you locate useful eBooks and advise on licenses. In general, only eBooks with a simultaneous, unlimited-user license should be assigned to an entire class.

PUL offers a fast and efficient way to search journal availability. Visit to quickly determine if PUL provides access to your discipline’s important journals.

PUL has created a comprehensive list of Databases and resources. This A-Z list contains special access instructions and can be found here: The best way to find databases relevant to your field is to limit the list by subject. Use the "choose subject" dropdown list, or use the search box at the top of the page. Subject librarians supplement this list by adding databases, websites, and other resources elsewhere, often on LibGuides.

Print Collections