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Art 100

An overview of all of the library-related information you will need to complete Art 100 assignments.


Getting HELP

The latest library information can be found on the library's website
Every undergraduate has a Personal Librarian. Visit this page to find out more.
Use the Library's chat service
Connect instantly to get help from a library staff member.
E-MAIL me directly, rfriedma@ or marquand@. Look for the orange "schedule appt." box beneath my picture to set up a Zoom or in-person appt. Alternatively, contact another subject specialist.
Need help navigating Firestone? Visit the Bookfinders desk on the B Floor M-F, 1-5 pm

E-resources at the PUL

  1. Students on leave:
    1. Students on leave retain remote access to library e-resources for 500 days (from their last date of enrollment in the University System).
  2. Email if you:
    1. Encounter a broken link in the library catalog or Database list
    2. Find an e-resource link that does not grant full-text access to content that we should have access to
    3. See an error message while attempting to access an e-resource
    4. Discover a discrepancy between catalog holdings information and vendor-site information for an e-resource
  3. Remote access to library e-resources:
    1. The GlobalProtect VPN does not work with library e-resources.
    2. The SonicWall VPN does work with library resources, but is being retired on 12/15/22. 
    3. EZproxy access is the default authentication method. The recommended access point for all e-resources is via the links on the Library's website, either by searching the library catalog, Articles+, or via the Databases list.
    4. Don’t forget about our Using the Library Off-Campus site.
  4. International access:
    1. If a student’s location prevents them from accessing library resources, there is nothing the library or the vendor can do to remedy this. For example, if a student is in a country where the government restricts access to certain websites/information, we are unable to provide a workaround.
    2. We have contacted our larger vendors (e.g. JSTOR, ProQuest, etc.) to learn of any known issues with worldwide access, and so far, none have been reported.