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Chinese Studies Resources - by type

Detailed directory of resources in Chinese Studies listed by type of resource

China Government Gazettes = 中国政报公报期刊文献总库

History of Contemporary Chinese Political Movements = 当代中国运动历史数据库

Primary sources only, three contemporary Chinese political movements; first the Chinese Cultural Revolution, second the Chinese Anti-Rightists Campaign, third the Great Leap Forward and the Great Famine. There is a fully functional search-engine in both Chinese and English, with data retrievable by author, subject, title, date, keywords, and (new!) locality (the documents themselves are in Chinese, naturally.) New features further include keyword highlight and toggle between Chinese and English.

The Cultural Revolution database includes primary sources mostly written during the Cultural Revolution; memoirs and interviews are not included. Sections included are CCP documents, directives, and bulletins; speeches, directives, and writings concerning the Cultural Revolution by Mao Zedong, Lin Biao, and other CCP leaders; important newspaper and magazine editorials and articles; important documents of the Red Guards and the Mass Movement; and material regarding “heterodox thoughts.” Materials are indexed in both English and Chinese, but the text is in Chinese. There is a introduction by Yu Yingshi.

The Anti-Rightist database includes more than 10,000 documents (directives, bulletins, speeches, editorials, published views and their denunciations, original archives) including the so-called “rightist” articles themselves. Included are also materials related to contemporaneous campaigns, including the prior Campaign against the Hu Feng Counterrevolutionary Clique, Campaign for Eliminating Counterrevolutionaries, and Socialist Transformation of Industry and Commerce, and the subsequent Debate over Red and Expert, Double-Anti Campaign, Movement for Opening One’s Heart to the Party, and Campaign to Pull Out White Flags and Plant Red Flags.

The Great Leap and the Great Famine database includes more than 7,000 documents (directives, bulletins, internal reports, officials’ speeches, and major media commentaries with detailed citations.) Of the material 50% is from internal archives at various levels, including 3,000 highly classified records and investigative reports filed during the Great Famine. Included are documents on the context of these topics, as on such policies and campaigns as the state monopoly on grain purchase and marketing, the Collectivization of Agriculture, the Campaign to Eliminate Counterrevolutionaries, the Great Debate on “Red and Expert,” the “Dual-Antis” Campaign, the Campaign to “Open One’s Heart to the Party,” and the Campaign to “Pull Out White Flags and Erect Red Flags”.

National People's Congress Database (PRC) = 全国人大资料信息库

The National People's Congress (NPC) database of the People's Republic of China is a comprehensive collection of archives and documents of the National People’s Congress, from the 1st Session of 1st NPC to present.

The collection includes: Deputy Lists, Agendas, Conference Updates, Documents and Reports, Resolutions and Statements, Leaders’ Activities, Selected Proposals, Suggestions of the Deputies, News Reports, Pictures, Press Conferences, Important Commentaries, Video Reports, etc. With complete, full-spectrum contents, it’s an authoritative database of NPC agendas, topics, resolutions and related reports.

Coverage is from the 1st NPC onward; it includes text, photos and videos, and is updated regularly.

The database works best with the Chrome browser.

Party and Government Documents in English (PR of China)

The Party and Government Documents in English (PGDiE) is a unique collection of official documents in English, covering various levels of Chinese government, Communist Party of China (CPC) and National People's Congress (NPC) from authoritative sources from 1921 onwards. Featured contents include documents on the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution; the Taiwan Question, the National Congress of the CPC, Five-year plans, The First session of the First National People's Congress, reports on the Work of the Government, government communiqués, government White Papers, and Policies and Activities of the Foreign Ministry. The White Papers include also documents in other languages than English (Chinese, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.)

Some of the English material is machine-translated.

PRC History

The PRC History Group is a network of scholars with interests in the history of the People’s Republic of China. Their free website gives access to current book reviews, a number of journals focusing on the cultural revolution, like Remembrance 记忆, Yesterday 昨天, and Past Events 往事. It also links to a wide range of resources on PRC History that are freely available.

PRC Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Speeches archive (English)

PRC State Council Archive (English)

Xi Jinping Speeches Database = 习近平系列重要讲话数据库

Party History Ebook Archive = 中共中央党史和文献研究院成果总库

Zhongguo gaige kaifang shujuku = 中国改革开放数据库