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Chinese Studies Resources - by type

Detailed directory of resources in Chinese Studies listed by type of resource

China Academic Journals / CNKI = 中国学术期刊 / 中国知网

Princeton's access to the Literature/ History/ Philosophy, Economics/ Politics/ Law, Education/ Social Sciences, and the Electronic and Information Series components of the CNKI includes access to the full-text China Academic Journals database (includes full text and/or full image articles from 2,000+ journals from first issue to date), as well as access to title indexes in the fields of sciences, conferences, or dissertations. A limited number of dissertations and master theses is also available from a select number of universities in history and literature.

No usernames or passwords are necessary: the link above opens the database with the English interface; after logging in, you can switch to a Simplified Chinese interface if you prefer. Use the PDF format for downloading articles.

Note that Princeton does not subscribe to the "China Core Newspapers", another option given; use WisersNews instead.

China Multilingual Journals

The CMJ (China Multilingual Journals) database includes journals published in China for foreign consumption: Qiushi (2009-, English), China Pictorial/ Ren min hua bao (1999-2006, English and Chinese), Jinmin Chūgoku (Japanese, 1953-2007), Beijing Review (Peking Review; English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, 1958-), and China Today (English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese , 1952-2007). Images and news items can be searched for separate from articles.

Dacheng = 大成老旧期刊

A text-searchable database of ca. 7,000 Chinese periodicals published from late Qing to 1949 in all fields of knowledge:  the humanities, social sciences, exact sciences, as well as popular journals. Examples include the Shidianzhai huabao, Xiandai, Shaonian Zhongguo, Dazhong shenghuo, Guocui xuebao, Qingnian Zhongguo, Minfeng. Listings per subject area are provided. Contents are regularly updated. One can search bykeyword in title in simplified or traditional Chinese, which retrieves article titles; clicking on such a hit retrieves the page with the term, which however is not highlighted.  One can browse by category of publication (use the pop-up menu called +fenlei tixi). Clicking on a periodical title gives the issues available of that title; clicking on the issue gives a table of content. PDFs can be downloaded. Advanced searching (by article or periodical title) is available. This database complements the Quanguo baokan suoyin database.

Please note:  With the increased access to the Quanguo baokan suoyin access to the Dacheng database will cease December 31, 2023.

Longyuan qikan wang (Dragonsource) = 龙源期刊网

Searchable database of current non-academic Chinese periodicals in literature, general culture, news and politics, popular science, economics and law, education, health and lifestyle, history and finance management. The database gives access to more than 3,000 titles, including Caixin-China Economics & Finance, VOGUE, Caijing, Sanlian Zhoukan, Zhongguo Zhoukan, Liaowang Dongfang Zhoukan, Wenwu Tiandi, ZhizuGQ.

Mingbao Yuekan = 明報月刊

The Mingbao Yuekan (Ming Pao Monthly) is a Hong Kong-based periodical covering Chinese culture, society, and current events. We hold an electronic archive of the magazine from 1966-2000. It may be viewed from the main computer cluster in the EAL.

Mobilizing East Asia

A tightly organized series of pivotal English-language newspapers, books and magazines reporting and commenting on developments in East and South-East Asia from the turn of the century to the early 1950s, showing the route from the first defeat of a major European power by an Asian nation to the calamitous defeat of that nation, Japan, systemic change in China and the onset of seismic upheaval in Asia.

Materials, sourced from hard-to-find and in some cases unique originals, include Contemporary Japan, the Japan Advertiser Annual Review, the Japan News-Week, and the Shanghai-based Israel's Messenger. More material on Manchuria, including the Manchuria Daily News (1912-1940), is being added.There are gaps for many titles, some of which had only short runs, and therefore are difficult to find anywhere.

WiseSearch = 慧科新闻

Note: If you anticipate to need a large number of documents for a bigger research project from this database please contact the Chinese Studies Librarian before starting to download articles in large numbers.

The Wise news archive, also called WiseNews, is updated every day with items from over 1,500 content providers, including all 19 Chinese and English newspapers of Hong Kong, and a large number of other top-tier newspapers, magazines, newswires, TV and radio broadcasts of Greater China. The database currently has more than 88 million articles from since 1998, offering unrivalled breadth and depth of Greater China news reports and feature articles.

Included are national PRC titles such as the 21 shiji jingji baodao, Renmin ribao, Jingji ribao etc.; regional and provincial newspapers such as the Nanfang ribao, Yangcheng wanbao, Zhengquan ribao, Shanghai ribao, Wenhuibao, Beijing ribao, Beijing wanbao; Taiwan newspapers such as the Taiwan pingguo ribao, China Post, Ziyou ribao; Macao newspapers such as the Aomen ribao; Hong Kong newspapers such as the Mingbao, South China Morning Post, Standard; and other Asian newspapers such as the Daily Yomiuri, Xingzhou ribao, Bangkok Post, Strait Times and the Times of India. Popular magazines such as Taiwan yizhoukan or Diannao jiating etc. are also included.

There are two interfaces available: WiseSearch and, through a tab within the database, WiseEnterprise. (If necessary, click on “IP Access” to enter.) In WiseSearch you can search by full-text, and limit by region or title. You can also search information by company. In WiseEnterprise you can browse and search by 15 special topic folders, by day, media or region/title. You can easily move between the two functions from the top navigation bars.

The customized folders are: Finance and banking, Economic news, Science and technology, Education, Trade and investment, Public health, International politics, International economy, International relations, Hong Kong news, China economy, China politics, China court cases, Taiwan news, Mainland-Taiwan relations.

Results are full-text; we have not subscribed to the image versions of newspapers.

Both interfaces can be set to English or Traditional Chinese. The latter will give more easily identifiable results regarding the source.

A Chinese-language Powerpoint guide (with a slightly different interface) is available here: