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Chinese Studies Resources - by type

Detailed directory of resources in Chinese Studies listed by type of resource

General information on contemporary newspapers

Current newspapers:
The East Asian Library has a variety of current newspapers in print available in the periodical reading reading room.

Newspaper collections:
Generally the library prefers collecting contemporary newspapers in digital format. Below, this page gives an overview of newspaper databases in English and Chinese that are available at the East Asian Library or freely available on the internet.

The library holds a wide collection of national and provincial and local newspapers on microfilm. Princeton readers can also request similar holdings from New York Public Library and Columbia University that are stored in ReCAP directly from the catalog.

Lately the library has made efforts to build a collection of national and provincial newspaper indexes for the period of 1949-1995 to support the usage of the microfilm collection. These indexes include: 

National: 工人日报, 光明日报, 人民日报, 新华日报, 中国青年报

Provincial: 安徽日报, 北京日报, 福建日报, 甘肃日报, 南方日报 (广东), 广西日报, 贵州日报, 黑龙江日报, 河北日报, 河南日报, 湖北日报, 长江日报 (湖北), 湖南日报, 江西日报, 吉林日报, 辽宁日报, 旅大日报 (辽宁), 内蒙古日报, 宁夏日报, 大众日报 (山东), 山西日报, 陕西日报, 解放日报 (上海), 新闻日报 (上海), 四川日报, 天津日报, 云南日报, 新疆日报, 浙江日报

Coverage of the indexes varies from title to title.

Apabi Newspaper Database = 数字报纸 (中华数字书苑)

Choose the shuzi baozhi 数字报纸 tab to use.

Newspapers available include the following: Nanfang zhoumo (2011- ; also some issues from 1984-2011) , Renmin ribao Haiwai ban 人民日报∶海外版  (2010-), Wenhuibao 文汇报 (2012-), Zhongguo funü bao 中国妇女报 (2009-), Zhongguo wenhuabao 中国文化报 (2008-), Zhongguo jingji shibao 中国经济时报 (2012-), Zhongguo Wenwu bao 中国文物报 (2007-), Chongqing ribao 重庆日报 (2008-), Tianjin ribao 天津日报 (2008-), Yangchen wanbao 羊城晚报 (2007-), Neimenggu chenbao 内蒙古晨报 (2008-), and Bingtuan ribao 兵团日报 (2017-)  plus 13 others.

These newspapers expand upon our current offerings (which include the newspapers in WiseSearch and Factiva, the Huanqiu shibao, plus historical access to the Renmin ribao, Guangming ribao, and Jiefangjun bao). However, this database has a very different interface, and includes the newspaper pages as actually published.

There is a newspaper section in the Apabi interface, with currently only the online version of the Zhongguo wenwubao (2007+; issues to 2004 are available on selected computers in the catalog room, while 2005-2006 are not yet available in electronic format.) A guide is available:

Please note: Currently there are problems with off-site access to this database. To access this database off-site please make sure to first activate Secure Remote Access (Sonic Wall) on your device.

Secure Remote Access VPN: Instructions for Windows 10
Secure Remote Access VPN: Instructions for MacOS
Secure Remote Access VPN: Instructions for mobile devices

Current Digest of the Chinese Press

The Current Digest of the Chinese Press offers a weekly collection of Chinese press materials in English translation. Articles cover politics, international relations, security, economics, business, public health, environment, education, and culture. Included articles originate from major state news sources including Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily (Online and Print), and People's Liberation Army Daily.  All articles are full-text searchable. Coverage starts from 2012.

Other sources for Chinese news in English translation are Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) for 1941-1995 and World News Connection for 1995-2013.



Full-text database of many major national and regional newspapers, including selected full-text and abstracts of many industry and general interest publications, as well as web pages. Includes many publications from East Asia and Asia in general, both in English as in original languages. Specify searching material in Japanese, simplified and traditional Chinese scripts by choosing the appropriate language in "Publications-by language", add by clicking on the triangle that code to your search, and then search directly in characters. make sure to first set the "Language setting" at the bottom of the page to "All languages" by clicking the X after English, if English is set as the default.

Includes among others: China Daily (1993- ), People's Daily Online (Chinese, English, Japanese) (2010- ), South China Morning Post (1984- ), Xinhua News Agency (Chinese, English) (1989- ).

Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) Daily Reports

Translation service of the U.S. Government, usually attributed to the Central Intelligence Agency. It covered political, military, economic, environmental and sociological news and commentary, as well as scientific and technical information between 1941 and 1996 (the earliest years of this range are still to be added at the moment of writing this note). Searchable by region or country. For later years (1995-2013) see World News Connection. No later years will be made available.

Companion to FBIS is the Joint Publications Research Service (JPRS) an English-language archive (1957-1995) of U.S. government translations of foreign scientific, technical, and social science monographs, reports, journal and newspaper articles, and radio and television broadcasts:

Guangming ribao = 光明日報

Browsable and searchable version of the influential Chinese newspaper targeting intellectuals, founded in 1949 and run by the CPC Central Committee. Coverage: 1949-2018.

Huanqiu shibao (Global Times) = 环球时报

Also known as Global Times. Daily Chinese tabloid under the auspices of the People's Daily newspaper, focusing on international issues. Use IE; other browsers have issues. Click on "Please click here to enter."

For searches with names, please add "%" before or after the character, for example "王%" to search for authors with "王" as surname and "%永" for authors with "永" in the name.

Pages in original layout are only available from 2001.  Please be patient: files take a long time to download without any indication that downloading is in progress.

Jiefangjun bao = 解放军报

Full-text version of the Jie fang jun bao (PLA Daily) from 1956 to current. No images are available.

Lexis-Nexis Academic

Comprehensive full text database of many major national and regional newspapers, as well as legal materials, company news and country profiles. Includes English-language newspapers, magazines, news agencies and other databases including some from East Asia (such as the Xinhua General News Service, China Daily , and the South China Morning Post). It is therefore very useful to search for recent people or events often unavailable in printed reference works (e.g., a recent death date).

Currently (2015) does not include East Asian Languages, but has English language material from the region. One can do a search, and then use the geography facet to limit to e.g. East Asia; or one can set a country (no region) limit first, by clicking on “browse” (very top line, after) “source directory,” then select sources, and perform a search by clicking on the “OK, continue” button.

Quanguo baokan suoyin = 全国报刊索引

The Quan guo bao kan suo yin 全 国报刊索引 (National Index to Chinese Newspapers & Periodicals) databases compiled by Shanghai Library are a group of databases giving access to articles published in Chinese periodicals from 1833 to current. Some are categorized index-only (in Chinese, pian ming shu ju ku 篇名数据库), some have the full-images of the indexed articles; the content itself is not text searchable (confusingly, and wrongly, this database is called in Chinese quan wen shu ju ku, 全文数据库). The image databases are restricted to the late Qing and Republican periods; post 1949 the database includes indexes only, and in most cases it would be better to serach the China Academic Journals database instead.

The two kinds of databases are integrated on one and the same platform. Downloadable articles show a pdf icon.

For most flexible search, click on the "search center" icon (进入检索中心.) You can then specify which database(s) to search, etc.

The full-image databases include the Late Qing and part of the Republican Periodical databases (Wan Qing qi kan quan wen shu ju ku 晚清期刊全文数据库,1833-1911, and  Minguo shi qi qi kan quan wen shu ju ku民 国时期期刊全文数据库, 1911-1949).The Late Qing databases includes more than 300 journals (270,000 articles, approximately all those published). The Republican full-image database will continue to expand in the next few years. A guide on how to best use the integrated platform is included here; you can ignore the section on “log-on”, which on the Princeton campus is IP-based and automatic.

The database also includes a large number of Chinese language newspapers that are indexed on the article title level. Full-text searches are not possible. One important feature of the database is that it indexes images (mostly news photography) and advertisements.

The index databases for the Late Qing and Republican databases are larger than the full-image databases. This database is to be complimented by the Dacheng laojiukan database. The index databases pian ming shu ju ku 篇名数据库 include more than 30 million citations.

To request articles not available in full-image please write to the Chinese Studies Librarian.

Renmin ribao (People's Daily) = 人民日报

All issues from 1946 of the Chinese national newspaper Renmin ribao (People's Daily) until 2012 are available on-line to Princeton users. For later issues please go directly to the current Renmin Ribao site.

The database contains the full text-online; in addition it has the original pages in PDF format.

South China Morning Post (1903-1995)

Major English-language newspaper in Hong Kong from the very beginning of the 20th century. Issues after 1995 are available in the regular newspaper databases, such as ProQuest Central, Factiva, LexisNexis, and Wiser’s News. Alternative titles used over the years include South China Morning Post & the Hongkong Telegraph and for the Sunday editions, South China Sunday Post-Herald, South China Sunday Morning Post, and Sunday Post-Herald.

Udndata = 聯合知識庫

Collection of searchable Taiwanese full-text newspapers from the United Daily News group, including the Lianhebao 聯合報 from 1951.

Please note that an additional log in step might be necessary for the database to recognize you as a Princeton user. For this please use the links 登錄 and 定址會員登入.

WiseSearch = 慧科新闻

Note: If you anticipate to need a large number of documents for a bigger research project from this database please contact the Chinese Studies Librarian before starting to download articles in large numbers.

The Wise news archive, also called WiseNews, is updated every day with items from over 1,500 content providers, including all 19 Chinese and English newspapers of Hong Kong, and a large number of other top-tier newspapers, magazines, newswires, TV and radio broadcasts of Greater China. The database currently has more than 88 million articles from since 1998, offering unrivalled breadth and depth of Greater China news reports and feature articles.

Included are national PRC titles such as the 21 shiji jingji baodao, Renmin ribao, Jingji ribao etc.; regional and provincial newspapers such as the Nanfang ribao, Yangcheng wanbao, Zhengquan ribao, Shanghai ribao, Wenhuibao, Beijing ribao, Beijing wanbao; Taiwan newspapers such as the Taiwan pingguo ribao, China Post, Ziyou ribao; Macao newspapers such as the Aomen ribao; Hong Kong newspapers such as the Mingbao, South China Morning Post, Standard; and other Asian newspapers such as the Daily Yomiuri, Xingzhou ribao, Bangkok Post, Strait Times and the Times of India. Popular magazines such as Taiwan yizhoukan or Diannao jiating etc. are also included.

There are two interfaces available: WiseSearch and, through a tab within the database, WiseEnterprise. (If necessary, click on “IP Access” to enter.) In WiseSearch you can search by full-text, and limit by region or title. You can also search information by company. In WiseEnterprise you can browse and search by 15 special topic folders, by day, media or region/title. You can easily move between the two functions from the top navigation bars.

The customized folders are: Finance and banking, Economic news, Science and technology, Education, Trade and investment, Public health, International politics, International economy, International relations, Hong Kong news, China economy, China politics, China court cases, Taiwan news, Mainland-Taiwan relations.

Results are full-text; we have not subscribed to the image versions of newspapers.

Both interfaces can be set to English or Traditional Chinese. The latter will give more easily identifiable results regarding the source.

A Chinese-language Powerpoint guide (with a slightly different interface) is available here:

World News Connection

Foreign News Alert Service from the U.S. Government. Compiled from thousands of non-U.S. media sources, focusing especially on local media sources. Covers significant socioeconomic, political, scientific, technical, and environmental issues and events. 1995-2013.

Other sources for East Asian news in English translation are Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) for 1941-1995 and Current Digest of the Chinese Press for 2012+.

Zhongguo wenwubao = 中国文物报

Zhongguo Wenwubao (Chinese Cultural Relics News) is a journal of Chinese archaeology and museology. We have access to an online archive that covers 2007-2009, and includes diagrams and photographs. To access it, follow the link above (to "China Digital Library"), then click "数字报纸". Please see our user guide for details.

Additionally, we hold an electronic archive of this journal from 1985-2004, which may be viewed from the main computer cluster in the EAL.