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Guide to Overleaf: Using Templates on Overleaf

Poster Templates

Need to prepare a poster showcasing your recent research project?

Review the poster templates & examples on the Overleaf Poster Template Gallery

Each template provides placeholders for text, tables, figures and equations. Font size is usually set automatically, and it’s easy to switch between landscape or portrait, A0, A1, A2, A3 and A4 size posters.

Overleaf Template Gallery

Find Templates on Overleaf

Visit the Overleaf template gallery

Creating your own

Make Your Own Templates on Overleaf

Upload or create templates for assignments, presentations, theses, posters, and student/faculty journals for your institution. Just create it as a project on Overleaf and use the publish menu.

Just for Fun!

Use Overleaf templates to easily create fun desktop calendars, TikZ Ducks, and more!