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FRS 193: Just Looking

Guide for students in Ronni Baer's Fall 2020 Freshman Seminar on 17th-century Dutch painting.

Art on the PU Campus

See: Sculpture of Princeton University: including works from the John B. Putnam Jr. Memorial Collection in Marquand, NB235.P74 P74 2004, and Firestone-Trustee Reading Room, LD4600, Box 2, Folder 5; and, Living with Modern Sculpture: The John B. Putnam, Jr., Memorial Collection, Princeton University, by Patrick J. Kelleher, in Marquand-Reference, NB198 .P74 (and many other copies on campus).

Antioch Mosaics

Mosaics from the joint expedition to Antioch-on-the-Orontes, Syria (now Turkey) in the 1930s are located throughout the Princeton campus and vicinity: in the Museum, elsewhere in McCormick Hall, the School of Architecture, in Firestone and Marquand Libraries (the latter, adjacent to the library entrance, and on B Floor, in the far back: wall text on the far left wall), and at the Institute for Advanced Study. Books at Princeton on Antioch begin with call number NA 3770, for the most part, so one can browse here in Marquand, or else do a Call number browse by call number in the library catalog. [You will find a 2014 book on Antioch at DS99.A6 A58 2014.]

A list of additional citations is available upon request.