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Economics Juniors (2020) International Macroeconomics (Silvia Weyerbrock)

Exchange Rates

Global Financial Data Data on bonds, commodities, interest rates, stock markets and indices, futures, exchange rates, GDP, prices, and unemployment. World exchange rates back to 1624.
Global Insight Provides daily data for exchange rates and forward rates.
International Financial Statistics 1948- . (HG3851.I574 (Current edition in DSS)
Flagship publication of the International Monetary Fund. One of the first tables in each issue provides daily exchange rates for every business day of a previous month for major currencies plus SDR and Euro. The rates given are currency units per U.S. dollar. There is a slight time lag. In the "Country" pages more extensive data are given, providing annual figures for the last 7 years, quarterly data for the last 3 years, and monthly data for the last 9 months. Countries included are those which are members of the IMF. Summary statistics and "real effective exchange rates" can be found in International Financial Statistics Yearbook, 1979-. Available electronically through Global Insight and Data-Planet Datasets.