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Stokes Library - Spring 2022

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I have been assigned a research project and am not sure where to begin. What should I do?

   Contact one of the Stokes Librarians who will be happy to set up an appointment to help you with your research. 

  1. I need help with data analysis for my JP,  Senior Thesis or another research project. Is there anyone on campus who can help me?

Stokes Viz Hub and Data and Statistical Services (DSS) consultants are available to provide assistance with data analysis for your research project.

  1. May I borrow books from the library?

Stokes Library is open for use by Princeton University students, faculty, and staff with an activated PUID. If you are a PUID holder, you may come to the library and borrow books. In addition, Book Pick-Up Service is available.  Faculty, students, and staff with active PUIDs may request books online and pick them up at on-campus Library locations.

  1. I am off-campus this semester. How can I get a library book that is only available in print?

PU faculty, students, and staff may request in-house digitization of articles or chapters in print book collections.  

  1. May I go to the library to study?

Stokes Library is open for use by Princeton University students, faculty, and staff with an activated PUID. Visitor requests for scholarly research are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. To learn more about Princeton University Library’s visitor policy please visit this page.

  1. Where can I print on campus?

Stokes Library has three printers (black & white only) and one scanner. Two of the printers are located at the front of the Library and one in the Viz Hub in the rear of the Library.  SPIA graduate students may print in 046 Robertson (prox card entry is required). In addition, other locations are open to any student . 

  1. I clicked on a link for an article and got a message that I must pay for it. Is there a way to get the article for free?

Yes. Connect your VPN to reach licensed library resources from any location. For details, visit:  Remote Access to Protected Resources -- Get Started

  1. I would like to save all my citations somewhere so I can easily create a bibliography. Is there a way to do this?

Yes. Princeton supports various citation managers:  Zotero and Endnote

  1. I will be writing a quantitative paper, how can I find data that can be manipulated with a statistical package such as Stata or R? 

Visit the Data Catalog on the DSS page for information about the datasets available to the Princeton community. If  you have further questions, contact the Social Science Data Librarian.

  1. Does Princeton Library provide access to current newspapers?

Yes. Click here for a guide to U.S. and international newspapers available to the Princeton community.

  1. I am seeking an article/document that Princeton does not own. How can I get it?

Submit an Article Express request and P.U. Library will attempt to obtain the item for you.

I have a question that was not covered by these FAQ's, what should I do?

Send an e-mail to with your question and a Stokes staff member will respond.