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Public Policy Guide from Stokes Library Fall 2020

General Info; Databases; Newspapers; Data and Statistics; Citations; undergrads

Library Catalog is a good starting point for books

A search for Healthcare  and UNITED STATES produces 2196 hits

A search for  "health care" "united states" produces 13910

Here is one to try

Poor—Medical care—United—States—States—Finance

Try a covid-19 and Medicaid search and

Sort by date

Look for a good subject heading

Restrict by 'online' on left hand side


Subject-specific databases are the most comprehensive. You might consider visiting databases relevant to health, or these others:

When searching in these databases, look for the controlled vocabulary or thesaurus, which provides a list of standard terms. This can be more efficient than typing topic keywords such as "medicaid expansion." 

Google Scholar

Google Scholar on your text “Health disparities in the United States : social class, race, ethnicity, and the social determinants of health / Donald A. Barr.”

            Limit by recent and/or covid

 Example of Article Express for “Alarm at the Gate—Health and Social Inequalities are Comorbid Conditions of HIV and COVID-19 

Data and summary statistics

Data on Health (Princeton DSS)

State and metropolitan area data book (many editions)

Statistical Abstract of the United States

For 1878-1949, use the Census site.

Data-Planet Statistical Datasets

Collection of more than 2,000 current and historical data series allowing comparison and ranking of US states on a variety of topics. View data as graphs, charts, or tables, all of which can be easily exported; export an entire series by saving an item to the Data Cart. Most series cover mid-1990s to present.

Current Index to Statistics 1975+

Bibliographic index to publications in statistics and related fields. References are drawn from 162 core journals (as of 2003) that are fully indexed, non-core journals from which articles are selected that have statistical content, proceedings and edited books, and other sources.

Newspapers, Zotero, and CMS

Newspapers for Bibliographic Management (and Write and Cite in MS Word or Google Docs).  Workshop Sept 25th at noon

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Quality of Care Performance Measurement