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How to Search, Request to View, and Order Princeton University Senior Theses

Locate a Senior Thesis in Books+

​See the tab, Request a Thesis to View in Person, to see instructions for Books+.


Are you looking to request a thesis to view in person? or Would like to order a copy of a thesis? Click on the highlighted links for further instruction. 

Search Options

There are two ways to search for Senior Theses: via DataSpace or the Library Catalog
You can find theses using either system, but each system has its strengths:

Search for a Thesis in DataSpace

Navigate to DataSpace
Select Princeton University Senior Theses, 1924-2015  from the "Communities in Database" list.

Use the search box on the upper right hand side to enter the author’s name, the title, or keywords.


If you would like to have additional search options, simply click on the “Advanced Search” link highlighted in blue in the search box.

On the Advanced Search screen, enter your search terms in the "For" field, hit "Go," and then add additional filters such as title, author, subject, and date issued, to help refine your search. You can also narrow your search to a single department using the drop-down menu labeled "Search."

Browse DataSpace for a Thesis

Use the "Browse" options located under the search box on the right hand side of the page to generate lists of theses according to attributes like author, advisor, or class year.

You can limit your browsing to a single department by clicking on the department's name, or choosing it from the drop-down menu on the right hand side of the page that says "This Community." 


The browsing options are class year, author, academic advisor, and title. 


BTW: Are you looking to request a thesis to view in person? or Would like to order a copy of a thesis? Click on the highlighted links for further instruction.

Browse by Class Year

The Class Year browse button generates a chronological list (newest first) by class year. You may also jump to a specific year or month in the "Jump to a point in the index" field below. Click on the highlighted class year to see the list of theses.

Browse by Author

The Author Browse result page is listed alphabetically by author's last name. Click on the title to view the author's thesis.

Browse by Academic Advisor

The Academic Advisor browse list is arranged alphabetically by advisor's last name and includes the number of theses in which the advisor's name appears. You may "jump" to a particular letter or enter the first few letters of the advisor's name. 

Click on the advisor's name to view a list of theses that they have advised.


Select a thesis to view by clicking on its highlighted title.

Browse by Title

The Title browse lists theses alphabetically by title. Titles that begin with numerals appear first and are followed by the alphabetical run. 

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