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Public Policy Resource Guide for SPIA Undergrads--Fall 2021

Guide for independent work

My goals for working with you

I can help you come up with a research question that can be addressed this semester/year.  

Thanks to Google, the challenge isn’t that you won’t find anything.  The problem is finding too much. You want to be comprehensive and efficient in your searching.  You want to become a sophisticated searcher, using quotes to search phrases when appropriate.  In Google scholar (, a sophisticated search uses "search within citing articles" checkbox.

But, I'd also like you to learn how to use all the other resources we have.

I'm here to teach you how.

So I don't forget...

Dr. Scott Moskowitz is SPIA's own writing support person.  He was recently hired and I will share his email once I receive it.

In that email, I'll include a link to some sample JP (I can't post it on a publicly available webpage like this).  Other sample JPs are available in in the SPIA Undergraduate Office.

I recently heard a student say that Zotero crashed and messed up her entire research paper.  I hope that you are using Google Drive if you use Google Docs or OneDrive if you use MSWord.  If you register for a Zotero account, it will be backed up in their cloud.