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The Near East Collections at Princeton University Library: PERIODICALS (PRNE)

This guide will introduce you to the history and scope of our Near East Collections here at Princeton University Library, and will also give you the basic tools you will need to start navigating the Collections themselves.


The Near East Periodicals collection (PRNE) contains contemporary serials and newspapers which are acquired on a regular basis from around the world.  The library currently receives over 2,000 active serial publications in Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Turkish, Urdu, and many Western languages.

PRNE is open whenever Firestone Library is open, and is located on A floor.

If you are having trouble locating a particular article online, click here.


Princeton has an impressive collection of newspapers from the Near East, particularly our Persian holdings. However, due to the shipping schedules for some of our serials, newspapers from the Near East are frequently out of date by the time they are made available to patrons.  Listed below are links to many available online newspapers published in the Near East.

A link to Princeton University Library's titles listing of Foreign Historical and Current Newspapers on microfilm has been provided here.  The titles have been organized alphabetically, by country of origin.