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Population Research E-journals: Population Research Journals

Population Research E-journals by Topic

Selected Population Research Journals with Online Access

American Demographics (merged with Advertising Age 2005) (1987-2004 in ProQuest)

American Journal of Sociology, or AJS  (1895-current in JSTOR)

American Sociological Review  (2004-current in Sage Fulltext , 1936-2007 JSTOR)

Biodemography and Social Biology (formerly Social Biology)  (1954-current in Taylor & Francis)

Comparative Population Studies  (2010-current in Journal Homepage)

Demographic Research  (1999-current in Journal Homepage)

Demography (1964-2008 in JSTOR;  1997-current in SpringerLink)

European Journal of Population (1985-current in SpringerLink)

Genus (Journal call number: HB851 .G28) (1958-current in Stokes Library; 1934-1940 in off-site Annex A, lacks vol. 3, no. 3-4)

International Journal of Population Geography  (continued by Population, Space and Place) (1997-2003 in Wiley)

International Migration (1997-current in Wiley )

International Migration Review: IMR (1966-2005 in JSTOR; 2001-current in Wiley)

Journal of Family Issues (1980-current in Sage Fulltext)

Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care  (2000-current in BMJ Journals)

Journal of Health, Population and Nutrition (2000-current in ProQuest)

Journal of Marriage and Family (1964-2005 in JSTOR, 2000-current in Wiley)

Journal of Population Economics (1988-current in Springer)

 Mathematical Population Studies (1997-current in Taylor and Francis)

 Migration Letters (2004-current in Journal Homepage )

Migration Policy Practice (2011-current in Journal Homepage)

Monthly Bulletin of Statistics Online (2000-current in UNSTATS)

Monthly Vital Statistics Reports  (Continued by National Vital Statistics Reports)

National Vital Statistics Reports  (Continues Monthly Vital Statistics Report)

Population: English Selection (changed to Population: English Edition) (1989-2001 in JSTOR)

Population: English Edition (2002-2008 in JSTOR; 2008-current in Project Muse )

Population and Development Review (1975-2007 in JSTOR; 1999-current in Wiley )

Population and Environment (1978-current in SpringerLink)

Population and Vital Statistics Report (A UN quarterly; 2006-current in Journal Homepage)

Population Bulletin (1988-current in ProQuest)

Population Research and Policy Review (1982-current in SpringerLink)

Population, Space and Place  (formerly International Journal of Population Geography)  (2004-current in Wiley)

Population Studies  (1985-current in Taylor and Francis, 1947-2006 in JSTOR)

Professional Geographer: Journal of the Association of American Geographers  (1949-current in Taylor & Francis)

Revue Européenne de Démographie  (see European Journal of Population 1985-current)

Social Biology (changed to Biodemography and Social Biology)  (1954-current in Taylor & Francis)

Social Forces (1922-current in EBSCO )

Theoretical Population Biology (1970-current in ScienceDirect)