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Compustat Content

Compustat and its related files are available for academic purposes only for currently enrolled or employed Princeton University students, faculty, and staff. Access is through the Wharton Research Data Service. Registration information can be found at Detailed documentation is available online from the WRDS site.

Compustat.: Use Compustat to find detailed fundamental data for companies trading on all of the major United States exchanges. Most files contain annual data, but there are also quarterly files. The main file is the Industrials file. Data date back to 1950.Available through WRDS. Special files include:

  • Bank: items specific to banks; for fundamentals about banks see the Industrials File.
  • Canadian: fundamentals for Canadian public companies
  • Prices, Dividends, and Earnings: contains detailed quarterly dividends information and book value
  • Segments: Business, Geographic, and State segment data. Earliest data is 1981. Companies do not have to report segment data but many do.
  • Index Fundamentals: From 1994 forward, fundamental data at the index level for the S&P 400, 500, 600, and 1500


Compustat Global. : Compustat Global contains detailed fundamental data for major companies trading on international exchanges. Special files are available that contain financial services data, currency translations, and market data. Annual data date back to 1990. Available through WRDS


Executive Compensation: Data on executive compensation for officers of S&P 500 companies. If companies remain active but drop off the S&P 500, the companies remain on the list. Earliest data is 1992. Access to this database comes in 3 formats: (1) through WRDS, (2) through the native interface (available from the main Library homepage; not recommended except for quick lookups of an individual company), and (3) through a Microsoft Access database accessed through the native interface.