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Climatological Data Resources: Home

Best sources for finding Literature and Data in Climatology and Meteorology


This libguide is a culling of relevant resources for study and research of climate, climate change, and weather -- climatology and meteorology.  Linked are data resources and well as major bibliographic databases.

Information Sources

National Weather Service: 

Real-time U.S. Geological Survey Weather Data, example, New Jersey:;group_key=basin_cd

Climatological Data (monthly data) :

Example: Select New Jersey

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Select and download each year-Annual (example,  1910-Annual)

Additional sources:

NOAA NCDC – Image and Publication System :

Local Climatological Data :

Climatological Data :

Hourly Precipitation Data :

Storm Data : Example: Denver-metro area hail storm details, May 2017

Monthly Climatic Data for the World :

Climatological Data National Summary (1950-1980):


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