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Finding books, databases, journal articles, technical reports, websites, governmental resources, and NGOs.

Climate Change

"Climate change" is the preferred terminology to describe "global warming".  It is more inclusive of the various phenomena involved. There are more "extreme weather" events.  Drying or desertification is occuring. The sea level is rising, particularly since polar ice is melting.

I have collected selected resources in the different formats of books, online article search engines (databases), websites, government report databases, and citing tools.  The Research Guide from the Library of Congress is a somewhat parallel guide, but composed in 2006.

I invite you to ask questions at any time!

Climate Portal

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has created a climate portal as an attempt to organize the sources and kinds of climate information.  It opens onto "ClimateWatch", an online magazine.  Other tabs are "Data & Services", "Understanding Climate" and "Education"

Here is a good summary:  About NOAA Climate Services Portal

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