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CEE Seniors Library Research Guide: Home

A brief introduction to library support services and resources available to CEE seniors for the thesis project.

Why use the library?

When working on a project, paper or thesis, you need to perform library research for several reasons:

  1. to keep up with the current thinking in the field
  2. to review what is known about a given phenomenon or problem so that you can place your own contribution in context
  3. to locate specific information needed to successfully carry out the experiment, project or solve the problem

Getting prepared

Before you begin your research, you should ask yourself some questions to help you narrow your search parameters:

  • What type of information do you need and what format?
  • Do you want facts? Opinions? News reports? Research studies? Analyses? Do you need data?

The resources listed under the Engineering and Technology subjects on the Princeton University Library web site will give you an idea of where to start. Consult Willow Dressel ( if you are not sure which resources are best for your research and whether they are available in electronic format.



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