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ARC 546/URB 546: Technology and the City: The architectural implications of networked urban landscape: Home

The architectural implications of the networked urban landscape

Welcome to the ARC546/URB546 research guide!

Greetings! This research page has been created for ARC 546/URB 546: Technology and the City. Here you will find research methodologies for the study of smart cities and the implications of technology on the urban landscape. Use the tabs above to work you way through the various tools, resources, and places for your research.

Because the study and forecasting of smart cities is a new and rapidly evolving area of study, new resources (books, articles, conference papers, studies) are constantly being published. Check for new materials often, and get in touch with me if you have any questions or special requests for books, journals, films, or other materials. 

Please contact me, Gabriella Karl-Johnson, with any questions or for assistance with your research!