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WWS 402B Accountability in Higher Education: Home

Spring 08. Oppenheimer

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Important things to remember

The three four five things I want you to remember from my visit to your class

  1. I am here to help you locate materials and help you focus your paper so that is interesting to you and do-able. There are many other librarians here, too.

  2. Not everything is on the Internet; you will find things using library databases that are not on the web. 

  3. Controlled vocabulary is a great tool. Google has many wonderful features, but controlled vocabulary is not one of them. "Controlled Vocabulary" would be "Subject Headings" in the library catalog or "Descriptors" in ERIC, Education Full-text, or Sociological Abstracts.

  4. The e-journal finder works if you have a citation OR within many of the databases we have access to (such as Sociological Abstracts).  It will help you locate the full-text of an article, if we have it in our library system.

  5. Advanced Google Search is great for "Search within a site" or finding files of a particular format (e.g., inurl:pdf or inurl:xls). Remember to search for phrases using quotes.

Subject Guide

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