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Politics Resources Guide

An annotated guide to free and restricted resources for research in political science for Princeton University students and faculty

Search the Library Catalog

Search the Library Catalog

Sample Catalog Searches

Take a look at subject headings for ideas to extend or narrow your search. Put phrases in quotes, and use truncation (an asterisk * in the Catalog) to search for alternative endings and spellings of words (e.g., iraq terror* will pick up terror, terrorism, terrorist, etc., while labo*r Britain politics will get results for both labor and labour).

Also, try narrowing your searches by combining key terms with a country name or region, like "civil war" sudan or "race relations" europe.

Princeton owns more than 7.5 million items, but keep in mind that the library can also get you books from around the world. Try searching the collections of Ivy League libraries through Borrow Direct or libraries throughout the world using

Search Articles+

Search Articles+ for peer-reviewed articles

Search Google Scholar

Major Politics Indexes

These are abstracting and indexing databases, which means they only search information about the articles, not the full text. In practical terms, this means that they return fewer results and keyword matches are more likely to be relevant. They're especially good at covering the full range of political science publications, including niche journals and international publications.

Policy Literature

Politics Librarian