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WRI 178/179 Into the Deep Past: Welcome!

Louise Deis  211 Lewis Library  8-3235


Getting HELP

E-MAIL me at

USE the Library's chat service (use chat box at bottom of righthand column) Connect instantly with a librarian on Sundays from 5pm-midnight, Mondays 11am-midnight, Tuesdays and Wednesdays 11am-11pm, Thursdays 11am-9pm and Saturdays 1pm-5pm.

SMS/Text This service is available the same hours as the CHAT service above, just text your question to (609) 277-3245

VISIT A REFERENCE DESK No appointment needed. All of the Princeton libraries have them. The usual hours for the Firestone reference desk are Monday-Friday 11am-5pm, Sunday 1pm-5pm.



Dear WRI 178/179 students,

The resources pulled together for this guide will be helpful to get you started on your research; however, to search the complete selection of databases provided by the Library, please consult the Library Web Page.

Happy & successful researching!

Louise Deis

Astro-Math-Physics Librarian

Jane Holmquist
210 Lewis Library


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