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United States

Bureau of Labor Statistics Minimum Wage Workers

Links to annual report Characteristics of Minimum Wage Workers, data, and laws and regulations.

Department of Labor Minimum Wage

Includes laws and regulations including link to states.

Inflation and the Real Minimum Wage: A Fact Sheet by Craig K. Elwell.  Congressional Research Service 7-5700 R42973, January 8, 2014

Basic information about its creation, calculation, and history.   Changes over the years are given in a table: The Statutory Minimum Wage, Hourly Earnings, and Inflation.

NCSL Minimum Wage Chart

National Council of State Legislatures chart (as of May, 2014) gives minimum wage for each state, plus whether increases are tied to Federal 
minimum wage, and if and how it is indexed to automatic adjustments.


ILO Resource Guide on Minimum Wage

The ILO published the Global Wage Report 2012-2013, which "looks at differences in wages around the globe and how they have been influenced by the economic crisis. It includes global and regional wage trends and statistics, as well as policy recommendations." Reports for 2008-2009 and 2010-2011 are also available.

Minimum Wages around the World

Current year minimum wage in the local currency. The links are made available through the website of the WageIndicator Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to labor market transparency by providing accurate wage and wage related information.