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WRI 104: Kung Fu

Wikipedia and Film Reviews

To begin thinking about your film, it's helpful to consult critical reviews. Given the popular nature of these films, freely accessible web sites are often excellent places to start. Although Wikipedia should not be cited as an authoritative source since its articles are written anonymously, it does provide overviews that will help you frame your critical response. In addition, there are several sites that focus on films and their reviews, of which the best is arguably the Movie Review Query Engine (MRQE). Play special attention to the reviews listed at the very top of their lists since these are often the most authoritative (e.g. from the New York Times or Roger Ebert). Again, read these reviews with a critical eye, looking for features or issues that are controversial or thought provoking.


Enter the Dragon Wikipedia MRQE
Once Upon a Time in China Wikipedia MRQE
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Wikipedia MRQE