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This guide will introduce you to the multi-faceted discipline known as Jewish Studies and a few of its related fields. The guide also includes information on collections and links to resources found here at Princeton University and beyond.

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WELCOME ברוכים הבאים

This library guide will introduce you to the multi-faceted discipline known as Jewish Studies and a few of its related fields.  The guide also includes information on collections and links to resources found here at Princeton University and at other institutions around the world.

Information regarding the basic tools you will need to start navigating the collections at Princeton University and other libraries worldwide may be found under the Source Materials at Princeton & Beyond tab.

Links to guidelines and other information regarding Junior independent work, Senior theses, and dissertation submission for selected departments and programs may be found under the For Princeton Students tab.

Because of the interdisciplinary nature of Jewish Studies, this guide also includes useful information and web links that have been organized by broad research areas and related fields, under the Research Areas - General tab.

Directories and general listings may be found under the Listings - General tab.

This guide is an updated, reorganized version of Nancy Pressman Levy's original Jewish Studies Resources LibGuide. Some text within the box descriptions has been taken from websites and online guides; other descriptions were written by K. E. Leaman, or Princeton University Library staff.


Jewish Studies is an academic discipline that focuses on the study of Jews and Judaism, and is a distinct field of study at many colleges and universities around the world.  The field is interdisciplinary, and "has been defining itself since the 1960s, when the first public colloquium produced a book of essays that still merit attention." - W. Cutter, Jewish Studies as Self-Definition: A Review Essay

Jewish Studies, as it is in the American university, includes aspects of archaeology, anthropology, history, political science, language, literature, ethnic studies, religious studies, and gender studies. Other fields, such as Holocaust research, are also associated with Jewish Studies.

A  directory of institutions that have Jewish/Judaic Studies programs has been provided here.


The Princeton University Library collects extensively in the area of Jewish Studies. The collection's strengths in western languages lie in the areas of history, religion, literature, politics, and philosophy.

In addition to the collection of monographs and serials in western languages, the Library also acquires Hebrew language material comprehensively.  At present, the Library houses over 74,702 modern and Rabbinic Hebrew printed books, and more than 2,760 serial titles.  Hebrew works published in Israel and the United States cover Rabbinics, responsa, liturgy, Jewish history, Biblical archaeology, Hebrew language and literature, Bible, Talmud, Israeli and Middle East Politics, Jewish philosophy, and other scholarly areas in the humanities and the social sciences relating to Jewish life and culture.

The Library's Jewish studies collection supports the research of students and faculty in the Near Eastern Studies Department, and the Program in Judaic Studies.  The collection also supports researchers from Classics,  English, Anthropology, Comparative Literature, History, Medieval Studies, Sociology, Religion, Germanic Languages and Literatures, the Woodrow Wilson School, and Women's Studies.


45 Hebrew manuscripts go digital - Over a three-year period 1250 objects from this outstanding collection, comprising well over 3000 manuscripts, would be made freely available online

Encyclopaedia of Judaism is now available online at Princeton University

Opening October 15, 2013 - Turkey's Jews Revisited: 1984-2012 - An Exhibition


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