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History resources

Links to guides to history resources in the Princeton University Library, plus JP and senior thesis help for history majors.

Course guides Fall 2015

Coming in September:

  • Churchill and Anglo-America [Fall 2015]
  • The Global Depressions: 1929-1953 [Fall 2015]
  • Women in American Higher Education [Fall 2015]
  • Bandits, Mercenaries, and Warlords [Fall 2015]
  • History of Women, Gender and Sexuality in America [Fall 2015]
  • Pathogens & Disease in European History to 1800 [Fall 2015]
  • France in the Second World War [Fall 2015]

Librarian for History & History of Science

Elizabeth Bennett
Firestone Library, B-10-P

Office hours: Monday 11-12
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