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LGBT Resources in the Princeton University Library: Home

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Resources in the Princeton University Library

LBGT Resources at Princetron


The tabs on this page lead to a highly selective bibliography listing LGBT resources in the Princeton University Library.

Miniguide for Further Research
on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Matters

Individual titles listed in this LGBT BIBLIOGRAPHY are a highly selective gathering, and are a small sample from the depth and breadth of what is available through the Princeton University Library.  More exhaustive research can be carried out utilizing the following portals and tools.

  • Main CatalogLibrary Home Page, first item just under large search box in middle of page. Click on the GUIDED tab.  Then, in the top box enter the search string gay? Lesbian? Bisexual? Transgender? Homosex? And click on the ANY OF THESE search type.  Note that the question mark allows various endings, singular, plural and so on. Enter a term or terms of interest in the second box.  Try searching these terms as keywords, and if that produces too many hits, narrow by choosing subject or title as a search type.  Another way to focus a search is to choose a tope of material in the LIMIT by option, such as VIDEOS.
  • Databases Library Home Page, under Databases,  search by subject, and choose  “Gay & Lesbian Studies.”  
  • GoogleOpen Internet.  The classic Google search reaches into the contents of many titles.  If not available full text here, once identified a title can usually be found in the books and journals held by Princeton through the Main Catalog.
  • Google ScholarOpen Internet.  http://  A broad net identifying materials, especially articles, from remarkably diverse places.
  • Dissertations Library Home Page, Databases, search  Proquest  Digital Dissertations. The nature of dissertations is to be comprehensive, usually in a narrowly defined sub-specialty of a discipline. Footnotes and other references found in these titles, along with their bibliographies can identify materials which  could otherwise be overlooked.
  • WorldCat Database Library Home Page, enter WorldCat in large search box, navigate to database. WorldCat is an interface for the OCLC Union Catalog, which reports the holdings of thousands of libraries, estimated to be tens of thousands of records.  Hint:  Click on the ADVANCED  search tab, and use title phrase search type when you have an exact title.   
  • Lavender Legacies Archives Open Internet. This is a web site listing archives of LBGT materials nationally in the U.S.  Archives contain usually unique holdings of records and manuscripts providing in depth coverage of an organization or topic.  Lavender Legacies Guide, Guide to Lesbian and Gay Archives in North America.  Lesbian and Gay Archives Roundtable of the Society of American Archivists.